Welcome To The Lotus Recovery House

A Healing Residence For Women


Welcome To The Lotus Recovery House

A Healing Residence For Women


Welcome To The Lotus Recovery House

A Healing Residence For Women


Welcome To The Lotus Recovery House

A Healing Residence For Women


Who We Are

We empower women to take the next step in the healing process and work towards active recovery from addiction or trauma through personalized care, education, and healthy lifestyle practices that encompass the mind, body, and spirit.

We recognize the interconnectedness of these aspects and strive to provide holistic support, addressing not only the physical and mental well-being but also nourishing the spiritual aspect of our members.

By embracing a comprehensive approach that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit, we aim to guide women towards lasting transformation and a balanced, fulfilling life in recovery.


Take a tour today of our three sober living homes in Austin, TX, either virtually or in person. Explore our outstanding amenities and premium living quarters to find out which would be the best fit for your lifestyle.

At Lotus Recovery Residence.

Lotus Recovery is not a sober living house; rather, it is a comprehensive long-term program designed specifically for women who seek structured recovery support as their next step after in-patient treatment. We understand that individuals transitioning from in-patient treatment require ongoing guidance and a supportive environment to continue their journey towards lasting recovery.

Lotus Recovery provides a dedicated and structured program tailored to meet the unique needs of women in this crucial phase of their recovery process.


Recovery Residence

Lotus Recovery is a beautiful, well-appointed home in Pflugerville. Members of Lotus Recovery have the advantage of being close to the vibrant city of Austin, known for its live music scene, cultural events, and diverse entertainment options.

Our Program

At Lotus Recovery, we empower members with life skills, relapse prevention techniques, and comprehensive support. We assist with job placement and personalized case management services, facilitating a smooth transition to an independent and sober lifestyle.

Sober Coaching & Case Management

Distinguishing ourselves from other recovery residences, we provide exclusive in-house sober coaching and case management resources at Lotus. Our vision for Lotus was to surpass the standard of traditional sober living and recovery residences by providing a more comprehensive range of services.




Lotus places a strong emphasis on case management, which entails our commitment to helping clients access the necessary services to enhance their recovery and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We recognize the significant impact that family, social networks, and community have on our residents’ healing journey.

Our dedicated case managers serve as advocates, assisting residents in various aspects, such as working towards treatment plan goals, finding suitable sponsors, and connecting them with support group meetings tailored to their specific needs.

We also provide valuable support in resume creation, job applications, budgeting, interview preparation, and much more, serving as a point of contact for residents’ loved ones. Our aim is to help residents cultivate essential life skills for a seamless transition back into society.

At Lotus, we strive to empower our clients with comprehensive case management services that address their individual needs and support their ongoing recovery and successful reintegration into a fulfilling life.

“Lotus has helped me by giving me love, structure, and support. I think the best part about lotus is the community we get to create and how there is always someone ready to listen. At lotus i feel safe and comfortable and truly at home.

Lotus has helped me by keeping me accountable and steering me in a direction that only sets me up for current and future success.”

– Rylie P


If you need guidance through the admissions process, reach out to our friendly Lotus Recovery staff today. We will help you navigate this process so that you can continue your road to recovery in our sober living community.


The Lotus Recovery

Phone: 737-236-3456
Email: admissions@thelotusrecovery.com