Living Support


In order to keep all our residents safe, Lotus Recovery requires residents to abide by the following rules and regulations. It is important that our residents follow these rules in order to succeed in their recovery.

  • All visitors must respect the privacy and confidentiality of the residents. Visitors should understand that who they see and what they hear while at Lotus Recovery is not to be disclosed.
  • Male visitors who are not family members must be 18 years of age and can only be in common areas. All family visitors (friends, boyfriends, husbands) are not allowed in bedrooms.
  • Visitors who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted in the house. Staff members may drug test any visitor at any time.
  • Staff members and house managers have the right to deny visitation privileges to anyone.
  • Visitors are not allowed to randomly visit members of the community.
  • Visitors are subject to the same curfews as the community, and are forbidden to stay in the house overnight.

Note: There are NO EXCEPTIONS to visitation rules.

Safety of Residents

  • Lotus Recovery prohibits alcohol, illicit drugs and weapons on the premises; Lotus Recovery may immediately discharge any person in violation of this prohibition.
  • Lotus Recovery forbids residents to engage in disruptive behavior, physical abuse or verbal threats; Lotus Recovery may immediately discharge any person in violation of this prohibition.
  • Residents at Lotus Recovery must either obtain a job and/or volunteer at least 25 hours per week or participate in additional outpatient treatment depending on which Phase they are in.

Tobacco Products

  • Lotus Recovery forbids smoking cigarettes in the house. Residents may only smoke in the outside seating area.


  • No alcohol-based over the counter medications, prescriptions, cooking additives, hand sanitizers or mouthwash are permitted.
  • Residents are not allowed to take medications or eat foods that would cause a positive result on a drug test.
  • Lotus Recovery is not a medical facility and there are no doctors on staff.
  • Diabetics requiring insulin injections must provide a sharps container at intake.
  • Residents are expected to take their medications as prescribed and have them refilled.

Family Support

The family will receive an update from our counselor each week. We believe it is important to keep the family informed throughout the entire program. It is vital for family members to understand and align with the Lotus Recovery structure. It is only through development of a close working relationship with staff that we believe this is possible.

Family contact is determined on a case by case basis, but generally is not encouraged for the first 2 weeks. This structure is vital to help each resident become firmly planted in their new setting, while not allowing outside distractions to divert them.

In our program, family members are encouraged to reflect and explore within their own lives as well, to learn and grow from this experience. We provide phone calls for family members, where we help them work through the pain caused by their loved one’s addiction and their desire to see that person live a healthy life. Through our support, we see many families come to gain more insight, awareness, and consciousness in their own lives, undergoing their own personal transformation, through the process. We see this as an opportunity for everyone involved in the family dynamic to heal and grow.

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What We Offer

Totally Personalized Care

Recovery Residence

Lotus Recovery is a beautiful, well-appointed home in the West Campus area of Austin. We are walking distance to parks, outdoor activities, supermarkets, and other conveniences.

Our Program

We provide our residents with the life skills and relapse prevention skills they need to live a sober and independent lifestyle. We assist with job placement and other case management services that are critical to helping our residents gradually transition back into an independent life.

Sober Coaching & Case Management

Unique to other recovery residences, we offer in-house sober coaching and case management resources. We started Lotus with the goal to provide a more comprehensive set of services than the standard typically delivered by other sober living and recovery residences.


A Well Rounded Program For Success

Lotus' focus on case management means simply that we help clients get services they need to accelerate their recovery and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We understand the importance of family, social networks, and community on our resident's healing.

Our case managers advocate for all kinds of assistance, including helping residents work treatment plan goals and find a sponsor and support group meetings that fit the client’s needs.

We work on resume creation and assist residents with job applications and interview preparation, serving as a point of contact for the residents loved ones by helping residents cultivate the life skills necessary for a seamless transition back into society.


We make sure to align services and resources that fit our resident's needs, rather than trying to make our residents fit the services. In comparison to individual therapy, our team focuses on resource acquisition and helping address the unique needs of our residents who are in early recovery or healing from trauma.

On top of Lotus' case management focus, we also offer sober coaching and help our residents develop coping mechanisms. Our team works to address challenges and help residents stay on track with their sobriety and healing.


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