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Kristen Demers

Kristen Demers


Kristy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a master’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work.

She is certified in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) and carries a trauma informed approach into her practice. Kristy previously worked as an individual and family therapist for the past four years at the Center for Child Protection, supporting individuals and families through some of their darkest times. Coming from the family side
of addiction and recovery, Kristy’s approach is through genuine connection and empathy. Though the clients are the true agent of change, She will help guide and support families and individuals through their journey. Kristy understands that everyone’s path is unique and healing and change has to begin where the client is. Kristy comes from a large family and was born and raised in Georgetown, Texas.

Kristy has benefited personally from incorporating yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, and energy work into her own life. She enjoys traveling, being near or in a body of water, hiking, yoga, music, time with friends and family, and a good sense of humor.
Shane Freeman

Shane Freeman

Managing Partner and Senior VP of Marketing and Admissions

Born in North Georgia and raised across various parts of the East Coast, Shane Freeman’s journey is a testament to resilience, transformation, and the power of redemption.

For many years, Shane grappled with the shackles of substance abuse and eating disorders, an experience that marked a tumultuous chapter in his life. However, a pivotal move to Austin, Texas, in early 2016 set him on a transformative path. Opting for a comprehensive treatment program, Shane immersed himself deeply into aftercare, not just to heal himself but to carve out a mission that would soon define his professional life.

His personal experiences birthed an unmatched passion for aiding others on their recovery journey. In his nearly decade-long career in the field of substance abuse and mental health, Shane has donned many hats—from case management, program direction, to leading roles in business development and national admissions. Today, as the Managing Partner and Senior VP of Marketing and Admissions at The Lotus Recovery, Shane’s dedication is unwavering. He was drawn to The Lotus Recovery’s elite and luxurious approach to catalyzing change in women’s lives.

A staunch advocate for female empowerment, especially in the realm of recovery, Shane champions a holistic focus on the transformative life changes essential for sustained recovery. Leveraging a decade of profound insights, he remains committed to guiding women towards rediscovering themselves—empowered, valuing their worth, and with a fiery, purpose-driven passion. With Shane, you’re not just embarking on a recovery journey; you’re embracing a paradigm-shifting change.


Recovery Residence

Lotus Recovery is a beautiful, well-appointed home in Pflugerville. Members of Lotus Recovery have the advantage of being close to the vibrant city of Austin, known for its live music scene, cultural events, and diverse entertainment options.

Our Program

At Lotus Recovery, we empower members with life skills, relapse prevention techniques, and comprehensive support. We assist with job placement and personalized case management services, facilitating a smooth transition to an independent and sober lifestyle.

Sober Coaching & Case Management

Distinguishing ourselves from other recovery residences, we provide exclusive in-house sober coaching and case management resources at Lotus. Our founding vision for Lotus was to surpass the standard offerings of traditional sober living and recovery residences by providing a more comprehensive range of services.


A Well Rounded Program For Success

Lotus' focus on case management means simply that we help clients get services they need to accelerate their recovery and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We understand the importance of family, social networks, and community on our resident's healing.

Our case managers advocate for all kinds of assistance, including helping residents work treatment plan goals and find a sponsor and support group meetings that fit the client’s needs.

We work on resume creation and assist residents with job applications and interview preparation, serving as a point of contact for the residents loved ones by helping residents cultivate the life skills necessary for a seamless transition back into society.


We make sure to align services and resources that fit our resident's needs, rather than trying to make our residents fit the services. In comparison to individual therapy, our team focuses on resource acquisition and helping address the unique needs of our residents who are in early recovery or healing from trauma.

On top of Lotus' case management focus, we also offer sober coaching and help our residents develop coping mechanisms. Our team works to address challenges and help residents stay on track with their sobriety and healing.


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