What Our Residents Say

What The Residents of Lotus Have to Say

The support we receive from the staff at Lotus has been the most significant contribution to our mental and emotional peace since our daughter became a resident. I can’t remember the last time either of us have had a familiar middle of the night panicked wake up episode, sick with worry and unable to go back to sleep.

Lotus’ work with our daughter has released us as her controller, and now we no longer have to involve ourselves in her daily responsibilities and changes. Because of weekly sessions with support staff, our daughter transitioned to financial and person accountability, commitment, and consistency in her relationships. As a result, we are free to build a new relationship without familiar pitfalls.

We are now beginning to breath and believe there is hope for the future.

Lotus House has been a gift from above in the recovery process for our 20 year-old daughter! Lotus has given her the strong support system and no nonsense accountability that every parent desires for their child as they transition from the bubble of rehabilitation treatment to life in the real world.

As a “Mama Bear” who has always desired the best for my children, I had in-depth conversations with support staff and researched & compared numerous sober living arrangements well in advance of my daughter’s last day of treatment. I am beyond grateful and confident with the choice we made in Lotus House!  Our daughter has been so happy with the beautiful living arrangements, sense of community and incredible support staff she has at Lotus. She laughs as she recounts fun daily moments with her “sobriety sisters” in the house and sparkles with a clear-eyed, radiant sober glow.

She just got a job she loves and speaks confidently of her future goals—something so incredibly heart-warming and something we haven’t seen in years. She now speaks of her desire to one day become a recovery advocate and to help others in their struggles with addiction. Lotus has been a dream come true for our family and in our daughter’s words, “the best thing that has ever happened for me”!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Faith, Ben, Kristy, Brittney and Kennedy for all you are~ and for the hope, peace and healing you offer to women in recovery and to their families!🪷💗

Lotus house changed my life in ways I never could have imagined. As a chronic relapser, I spent years believing there was no hope for me. When I left treatment, still unsure of myself, Lotus helped me find solid footing and taught me how to structure a day in sobriety. The level of accountability, guidance from our social worker and recovery coach, and community building have made me a strong woman in recovery.

Thanks to Lotus, I am confident in my capacity to build the life I want, and help other women to do the same. If you are ready to be free from the pain of addiction, being a resident of this house is an opportunity you will not want to miss.

Lotus has helped me by giving me love, structure, and support. I think the best part about lotus is the community we get to create and how there is always someone ready to listen.

At lotus i feel safe and comfortable and truly at home. Lotus has helped me by keeping me accountable and steering me in a direction that only sets me up for current and future success.

Lotus house has been instrumental in my recovery. The ccountability is privided in such a way that you still feel like a responsible adle, managing yoourself.

The staff goes above and beyond to help each and every person who comes through Lotus. I am so grateful to have getten the opportunity to grow within the caring arms of Lotus Recovery.


Recovery Residence

Lotus Recovery is a beautiful, well-appointed home in Pflugerville. Members of Lotus Recovery have the advantage of being close to the vibrant city of Austin, known for its live music scene, cultural events, and diverse entertainment options.

Our Program

At Lotus Recovery, we empower members with life skills, relapse prevention techniques, and comprehensive support. We assist with job placement and personalized case management services, facilitating a smooth transition to an independent and sober lifestyle.

Sober Coaching & Case Management

Distinguishing ourselves from other recovery residences, we provide exclusive in-house sober coaching and case management resources at Lotus. Our founding vision for Lotus was to surpass the standard offerings of traditional sober living and recovery residences by providing a more comprehensive range of services.


A Well Rounded Program For Success

Lotus' focus on case management means simply that we help clients get services they need to accelerate their recovery and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We understand the importance of family, social networks, and community on our resident's healing.

Our case managers advocate for all kinds of assistance, including helping residents work treatment plan goals and find a sponsor and support group meetings that fit the client’s needs.

We work on resume creation and assist residents with job applications and interview preparation, serving as a point of contact for the residents loved ones by helping residents cultivate the life skills necessary for a seamless transition back into society.


We make sure to align services and resources that fit our resident's needs, rather than trying to make our residents fit the services. In comparison to individual therapy, our team focuses on resource acquisition and helping address the unique needs of our residents who are in early recovery or healing from trauma.

On top of Lotus' case management focus, we also offer sober coaching and help our residents develop coping mechanisms. Our team works to address challenges and help residents stay on track with their sobriety and healing.


Contact Us

Lotus Recovery
607 W Pecan St
Pflugerville, TX, United States, 78660

Phone: 737-236-3456
Email: admissions@thelotusrecovery.com